Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

I am so excited for the weekend!  Today is Derby Day!!  For those of you who aren't from Kentucky and haven't heard, it's the biggest horse race around!  The Run For The Roses!  We always celebrate by going to family friend's house for a big party.  Complete with betting tables, tons of  food, your choice of beverage, an in ground pool and of course great friends and family!!  It's always a great party.  Last year I was big time preggers, this year little man is here and if the weather cooperates then we'll get to go swimming for the first time this year, Jillian is so excited!

Now for my top five laughs of the week!

1. Wednesday was super warm, so after nap I got the kid pools out.  The water was extremely cold. Wyatt did not care for it much at all.  Jillian on the other hand loved it.  When she would get out and walk on the concrete, she would say "Look Mommy, I made paw prints", referring to her foot prints.  It was so cute!

2. Earlier in the week the kids had a virus that made them run high fevers, therefore they didn't want to eat much.  One day I was trying to get Wyatt to eat something, (weird I know, he loves to eat), and he wouldn't take it from me.  Jillian walks up and tries and he totally took the food from her.  He's a stinker!!

3. Last Sunday my Dad came over to my house for Sunday night dinner.  He wanted to see our kitchen redo.  He and Jillian were playing ball when he stuck his tongue out at her, (yes he's just a big kid too).  She came to me and tattled on him, and I said awwh......after a few seconds she bursted out  saying "I just kidding!!"  We all busted out laughing.
4.  And Papa said, "that'll make the top 5 laughs"!!  And he was right!  It was great!

5. I picked Jillian up from preschool one day this week and while I was buckling her in she asked me, "Mommy did you have fun at work today?"  Umm, were did my little girl go?  It was so cute!

Have a GREAT Derby Day!!!


  1. Great laughs! GLad to hear you had a great derby day!

  2. Derby was great! Wyatt loved swimming, but I think Jillian will be the fish in the family!!!! Such a great weekend....can't wait for little mans birthday party, it will be lots of fun! I know I say this all the time, but Jillian is so smart, I love them both!


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