Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

We've had a good week, but I'm so thankful for the weekend!  Today I'm meeting my sis with the kids and going to Relay For Life.  A walk for cancer.  It's always so great to see the community come together and support a cause so close to my heart!

But first here are my top 5 laughs from the week!

1.  Last Saturday was Wyatt's birthday party.  His Memmaw and G.P. got him a truck.  Both the boys loved it, but the funny part was Noah was pushing Wyatt around in it!

2. We came home the other night to find that one of Jillian's balloons had been popped.  She was very mad, she said "I think Hershey did it", (the cat).  She continued saying, "Hershey that was not very nice, you need a spanking!"  Randy and I just kept looking at each other laughing!

3. We moved Jillian's toddler easy chair into the living room because Wyatt loves it so much.  He climbs all over it, stands in it and a lot of times, dives out of it and falls to the floor.  He gets up and gets right back into it.  Doesn't even cry!  So funny!

4. Jillian loves to play with her brother these days.  In fact when he goes to bed she says, " awh, now I don't have any body to play with!"  She says this in the pitiful voice ever!!

5. On the weekends we try to sleep in!  Wyatt doesn't always get the memo!  So when he doesn't I put him in the pack-n-play in our room with toys and his sippy cup and turn on the tv.  Shortly after Jillian will wake up and come to our room.  She will then get in the pack-n-play with her brother and play with him.  It's the cutest, most sweetest thing ever!  But she sure didn't like it when she was a baby!!

As always I'm linking up with Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!  Come link up!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Cute pic of Noah pushing him!

    Adorable that she will play with him in his pack n play

  2. How cute with him pushing his car. Haha I love that he is blaming Hershey. So cute with them when waking up. I wish I could put Zane in the pack n play in the am- won't happen with him. Jealous! I love their bond. SUch cute laughs!

  3. Oh yes! Wyatt's party was great and Noah loved pushing Wyatt around....they are going to be besties! Jillian will be the ring leader of course, especially when she realizes she can blame things in the boys and not Hershey.....bad Hershey, lol! Jillian does love to play with her brother. Sometimes to early and to loudly, but it is cute!


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