Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wyatt's First Birthday Party Part 2

Now for the good stuff.  Cake that is!  I had no doubt that Wyatt would LOVE his cake, and he didn't disappoint.   

At first he looked at the cake and looked at me like, are you really gonna let me do this?

But it didn't take him long before he dove in with both hands!  

Then it was all over his face.

He even picked the cake up to take a bite.  He really liked it!

Oh, but then he wiped his eye.  I tried my best to wipe it out.

He got it all over!  He's like hey!  And Randy wanted to know why I was stripping him down to his diaper.

He wanted to share with his daddy.  Thank goodness it wasn't me.

Love this pic of us!

Wyatt's big cake.  The one we all enjoyed, since there was not much left of his!

After cake, and bath in the sink!!  He opened his presents.  He couldn't figure out why I kept taking them away.  

He got a lot of great stuff!  The truck that was in the first post, a water table, golf clubs, clothes, a little people tractor, a Sesame Street bus, a Melissa and Doug wooded train, some stacking cups, and a big toy shelf to put everything in!

He also received a little bit of money.  We used that to buy him a Radio Flyer red wagon.  It's great!  he's going to love riding in it!  I can't wait for his first trip to the zoo!

Little man's birthday party was great!  Believe or not he didn't even have a nap.  Not a good one.  But he was a rockstar!  I have to admit that I was pretty stressed out that morning.  Which is not abnormal for me.  I want things to be perfect, and they were.  Besides having my husband run around town trying to find helium in a national helium shortage, who knew?
A HUGE thank you to my wonderful sis, Jo-Jo!  She helped me tremendously!  And for all of those who stayed after and helped clean up, thank you too!

Little man had such a good time.  I don't know that he really even knew what was going on, but it was a memorable day for all of us!  He actually fell asleep as soon as we put him in his car seat in the church parking lot!  He woke up when we got home and tried to eat supper but was just too tired!  He fell asleep in his birthday outfit and I just couldn't wake him to change them!!


  1. Everything looked wonderful and he was too cute!

  2. Had a great time and was glad to help! It was a great party and he sure did enjoy that cake! Happy 1st birthday Wyatt!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!! He is so cute!!!


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