Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big News

I am so behind!!  We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Filled with our family and close friends.  I would post about it but I don't have a lot of time tonight.  My sis already did two posts on our weekend and since we did everything together you can go read hers!!  For Part one go here and part 2 go here!

Now on to the big news:

Yep, we've got a walker on our hands!!  Saturday morning he just decided he was going to walk!  It was just a few steps at a time, but by Wednesday he was up to 8 steps before falling!  I am so proud and shocked at the same time.  Everyone including his Pediatrician told me it would be soon, but I didn't think so.  You may be saying to yourself, it's not early he just turned one.  But Miss Jillian didn't start walking until she was almost 14 months.  So I just figured my babies would be the same.  Nope!  I should have known though.  Wyatt has done everything sooner than sister.  He got teeth earlier, crawled earlier and now walked earlier!

It's almost the weekend again!!  Yay!!  Another birthday party for us and some pool time!!

Happy almost Friday!!


  1. I could not see the video :( said it was private. But way tooooooo go little dude :)

  2. I can't believe he is already walking. I thought it would be a while....that is a lot of weight to hold, lol. He really is good at doing things earlier than Jillian. The things does have on him is talking. Girl knew how to talk real early, and a lot of words! Love you guys!

  3. And I saw some of his first steps!!!

  4. Congrats!!!!!! Now the fun begins!


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