Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahh!! Christmas Pictures

Saturday morning I got the kids up early, got them dressed and fed, and actually got to Louisville EARLY.  What, no you didn't read that wrong, I actually got somewhere earlier than the time I was suppose to be there, with a little help from the daddy!  He got both kids dressed for me, while I got ready.  He even put on Jillian's tights, now that's a shocker, because the man can not do tights.
I feed Wyatt at the store before our appointment time so he would be full and happy.  We had two woman working with us, one taking the pictures the other making the kids laughing and posing.  They pulled down a solid white back ground and then put our kids on the floor on some furry looking blanket.  We really wanted a great Christmas picture of all three of them, but it didn't look like we were gonna get it.  They wanted Jillian to hold Wyatt, well he's umm..almost 23 pounds and doesn't sit well by himself, so that was a disaster.  He kept leaning back on her and she had nothing to lean on.  Enter the sleigh.  Jo-Jo asked if they had something the kids could sit in, on, by, something, so they brought in a tiny little sleigh, that only Santa's tiniest little elf could sit in and tried putting both the boys in it.  NOPE.  Didn't go well, they didn't fit, and looked horrible.  Neither baby was smiling and poor Jillian was left to lean on the back of the sleigh with her hands under her chin.  HORRIBLE!  I was getting stressed the kids were getting stressed and the photographers were NO help at all. After 30 minutes of 2 poses of the boys and 2 poses of all three kids they, the photographers decided the "kids" were done.  REALLY.  I was told we had an hour, that was what was scheduled.  I. WAS. NOT. HAPPY.  So lets recap, no Christmas backgrounds, no Christmas props and no happy kids, guess what, no happy Momma!  Jordan urged me to wait until we saw the pictures before I said anything and I did, but then I let the woman have it, which just for the record is totally out of my character.  I got so mad that I had to walk away.  I mean you would think a children's photography studio in a Babies  R Us, would know what they were doing.  So Jo-Jo talked with the woman, who then tried to get her to buy some of Noah's pictures, and she again told her why I was so upset.  Not only did we drive an hour to get there but to have 3 young kids all dressed up and awake all at the same time is some kind of feet!  She proceeded to tell Jo-Jo that she was new, and had only been there TWO weeks.  Jordan declined the pictures of Noah and came to talk to me.  Meanwhile the other chic decided to offer us all kinds of free pictures, only to then find out they had no open appointments the rest of the day to retake them.  Total waste of my time, and I will not be going back!

So, we went and had lunch and then made our way back to Shelbyville.  I thought we would take a shot in the dark and walk in to the Picture Me Studio at our local Wal-Mart.  Much to our surprise they had an opening, right then, perfect timing!!  The gentleman photographer had actually taken pictures of Jillian when she was a baby and did an excellent job.  And this time he did it again.  Not only was he GREAT with our kids, but he took his time, and he never made the kids sit to long.  It was the best experience ever.  Jo-Jo and I couldn't have been happier after the morning that we had had.  Check out these wonderful pictures below.

Santa Baby

Look how precious, and Wyatt is actually sitting on his own!

Jillian loved the presents!

Oh, Noah your gonna kill the ladies with that smile

See how happy she is

Love this collage, look at that face

He really enjoyed taking pictures of her

Baby boy in the snow

Looks like she saw Santa

These boys are so funny

I just loved the scarf

My handsome man

My handsome nephew

Love Wyatt's smile

And Jillian's smile here

Sweet boys

The photographer came of with this using a sheet

The End


  1. OMG that one of her looking like mary in the sheet is sooo beautiful!

  2. These pictures are so cute! YOu have an incredibly beautiful family!

  3. Great recap of what started out as a horrible weekend. Thank goodness for the Walmart photographer aka baby and toddler whisperer! This guy was so amazing, especially with Jillian. I am so glad that you suggested stopping at the Walmart studio. Everyone loves the pictures of the kids. They are going to make some great Christmas presents!

  4. The pictures are so good! So glad things turned out for the better for you!


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