Friday, November 18, 2011

Wyatt @ 6 months

Wyatt turned 6 months old on the 13th of November.  This little guy is growing so fast it kind of makes me sad.  But I love every single milestone along the way.


I officially grow large babies!  Wyatt is now 22.8 pounds and 29 inches long.  This puts him in the 97th percentile.  He has little rolls all over, especially his arms and legs!  In fact the nurse at our peds. office the other day said he looks like he had rubber bands all over him.  He isn't missing any meals if ya know what I mean!  He is now wearing size 12 months in clothes and size 3 in diapers.


Wyatt is still the most cheerfully happy baby!  I love it!  He laughs and smiles at everyone.  And LOVES his big sister to no end.  She can make the silliest noises and he cracks up.  Like in the picture below, I told Jillian to make her brother laugh and tada, there it is!  I thought after my last monthly post he was going to have stranger anxiety but he's still doing pretty good.


We are still pretty much on the schedule we have been.  He still nurses every four hours through the day, 6a, 10a, 2p and 6p.  That's it.  He pediatrician was shocked but she says he must be getting enough because he's so big!  He is now on stage 2 baby food.  He eats 1 serving of oatmeal with a jar of fruit for breakfast, 2 jars of veggies for lunch and another 2 jars of veggies/dinners for supper.  He definitely has his favorite foods, mainly any fruit and all the orange veggies.  I do sneak in at least one green veggie a day.  The pediatrician said he can now have some table food, just in time for Thanksgiving next week, can we say pass the mashed potatoes please!

He still sleeps about the same with 2 to 3 naps a day and sleeping from 8pm to around 6am to 6:30am.  We now have a little routine that we do just like with Jillian.  We read a book in his room and sing a couple of songs while rocking.  I let him get sleepy but not nod off all the way so that when I lay him down he's sleepy but can put himself to sleep.  This is suppose to help him learn to sooth himself if he were to wake up in the night, and so far it's worked!  He has a rain forest crib toy that he watches and listens to the sounds while nodding off to dreamland.


He loves to sit in the floor, (assisted sit), and play with all his toys.  He also enjoys bouncing in the jumperoo thingy we have while watching mommy do things in the house.  In the mornings he's content sitting in my bed in his boppy with toys surrounding him.


Wyatt said his first official word last week, just in time for his daddy's birthday, DaDa!  We were strolling along in Wal-Mart when he was babbling up a storm and it just came out.  I recorded with my phone and played it for his daddy that night and boy was he excited to hear that!  Just for the record, Jillian said MaMa first!

He can also sit up now for a brief period before falling to one side or the other, but this is a major feet for him, considering a few months ago he wanted nothing to do with sitting!

He can handle his toys really well now, passing them from hand to hand and of course putting them in his mouth!

Dear Wyatt you are the apple of my eye, Mommy loves you more than you can ever know.  Some days I just can't believe we have you.  You are everything I could have ever asked for.  I watch you grow everyday and sometimes get sad because it's all going so fast but I know you are going to do great things baby boy!

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  1. AW! I love him- He is gorgeous!! I love reading these posts because my little guy is right ahead of him. Similar schedule and chubbiness:)


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