Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Part 2

My kiddos all dressed up for Halloween.  These were actually from Saturday night's trunk or treat but they were on my camera the other day when I did the first post.

Wyatt's like, really mom.  I bet he thinks the camera is attached to my hand!

The three munchins, all cheese'n at the same time, this is very rare when trying to take a picture!

We started off Halloween at a shopping center in our town, Village Plaza.  All the stores have someone sit out front and hand out candy.  They usually have a really big turn out.

Here we are at the bank where my dad works, AFB.  The troops were ready!

Blake, also known as my first child, was/is a big helper and pushed Wyatt's stroller for me!

Wyatt laughing at one of the boys, they just loved making faces at him and hearing him giggle!

The Princesses holding hands while trick or treating, they're so cute!

Kids getting their candy!

Our next stop, our friend Brittany and Clint's house.  They live in a subdivision, that is quite the popular trick or treat spot.  We started this last year, we meet up there, take the kids around the blocks, then back to their house for soups, sandwiches and cupcakes!

Laney and Jillian, aren't they so cute together.  Don't ask her daddy!!

Kroger trick or treating.  Some of the staff dressed up in each department and passed out candy.

Kenzie was whooped!!

And so were these two, so they all thought they'd take a break on the couch!  In the Kroger!!

Micheal, the police man, was all about arresting someone!

See, now poor Laney was under arrest!

Waiting paitently outside before trick or treating.

Our crew, cruising down the sidewalk.

Daddy and his boy.

Me and Cass, my bestie, walking behind the kiddos.  We had a great time, just watching our kids together.

Our girls, playing at Britt's after all the trick or treating.  We all had so much fun.  I think we'll do it again next year!  Thanks Brittany and Clint for having us, always a pleasure!!  

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