Friday, November 11, 2011

Mommy 101

I thought I would share a little bit about me, the Mom-me!  I hope that when my kids get older they'll want to look back and be able to read these posts that I write and say hey, I didn't know that about you or oh Mom that's really weird or silly or even both!

I'll start with 29 things about me, since this year I turned 29.

1. I have always known I wanted 2 kids, and 2 kids is all.

2. My favorite color is pink, love it, everything pink!

3. I named my kids after characters in movies and TV shows.

4. Speaking of movies and TV, I am a big Sci-Fi nut, I known here comes the weird part.  I love Vampire, Ware wolf and Witch movies/TV shows.

5. Growing up, I would have never thought my sister would be my best friend, we weren't always this close, but I hope we never grow apart!

6. I work for a Veterinarian, and LOVE animals.

7. I listen to mainly Country Music, but I do know a broad spectrum of genres.

8. I am a sucker for a chick flick!  The Notebook gets me every time.

9. I can cook, but since having Wyatt, (actually when I got pregnant with Wyatt), I can't don't find the time anymore.

10. I love being a hostess and having people over, BUT, it stresses me out to know end cleaning and planning!

11. I am addicted to Sweet Tea.  Have to have one cup, one large cup, once a day.

12. I am very disappointed in myself for not losing my baby weight.  Weight is a very sore subject with me.  I gained weight right out of high school, lost a couple of years before Jillian, gained a lot with Jillian, lost almost all of it after her, only to gain more with Wyatt!  Blah!!

13. On that note, I like food!  Chicken and mashed potatoes are some of my favorites.

14. I am the disciplinarian in our house, Daddy tries but he's just not as stern.

15. I am a creature of habit.  I park in the same spot at work and at church, and I like our same routine everyday.

16. Love to shop. I get it honest!

17. I have really come out of my shell as an adult.  I use to be really shy, I wouldn't even order my own food. I now answer phones and interact with clients on a daily basis.

18. I was really scared to have a boy, I wasn't sure we would have the same bond as Jillian and I, but BOY was I wrong, I love my little boy!

19. My first vehicle was a truck, complete with a roll bar.

20. I have 6 tattoos, 4 of which are butterflies.

21. Randy and I went to Kindergarten together and high school but actually didn't "meet" until years later at a country dance club.

22. I have only been in love twice, not including my children!

23.  My hair is naturally light brown, but I like it lighter!

24. I love a good bargain, I also get that honest.

25. I own over 50 pairs of shoes, 7 pair being cowgirl boots, and probably 25 being flip flops, I would say don't tell my husband but they're pretty obvious.

26. I went college to be a nurse, but have traded people for pets.

27. I am always late, but eventually get there!

28. I love the internet, I could spend all day on it.

29. If I could just talk to my mom one more time, I would tell her thank you for everything she ever did for me, because she made me the woman, wife and mother I am today, and I am forever grateful!

I hope this spreads a little insight on who I am.  I know I have changed through the years, but my heart stays the same.  I love where I am in life and couldn't be happier with my family and friends!

Have a great weekend guys!!


  1. You are a wonderful person and mommy! You got that from your mom! i'm sooo glad we've grown up together and I'm so privilged to call you a friend! wonderful post!

  2. Love this idea. I completely agree with leaving something for the kids to know more about their momma in the future that you might not think they would like to know. I wish we knew a lot more about Mom when she was younger, like you said. I think your kids will love reading all of this when they get older to really know about their mom!

  3. You forgot to mention, that you are a thoughtful, caring, energetic, loving young woman. You can talk to your mom anytime you just have to listen to her with your heart.


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