Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living for the weekends

My weekend started great.  I met up with my two besties, Cassie and Jo-Jo and had our first ever Girls Night!  This night consisted of going to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  We enjoyed great food/drinks, fabulous adult conversation, and uninterrupted girl time!!  Ohh and did I forget to mention the out of this world cheesecake.

I can't wait to do it again, I love my girls and our precious time together!

Saturday came early, especially since I got in a little late Friday night.  Jillian went to her bestie's house, Kenzie, to play while Wyatt and I met up with Ann, my Dad's fiance and Jo-Jo and Noah to go shopping.  Did I forget to say Christmas shopping?!?  I have never started this early before, but with two kiddos and a new nephew, I gotta get started asap!  It was also some bonding time for us girls and Ann.  We shared some details of each of our lives over lunch, and shopped until we dropped.

While we were gone, Randy put up an electrical fence for our horse Dixie.  She has lived at my in-laws farm for 5 years and for reasons I won't go in to, she had to be moved.  The best and pretty much only option was to bring her home!  We don't have a lot of land, but just enough for her.  I'll post more on her soon!

Sunday is church day.  I've mentioned before, I keep the nursery at our church, which works out great since I have 2 little ones.  Jillian now being 3, is going to Sunday school and children's church.  They always read a story and then make a craft, and Jillian just loves it.  It's so rewarding to see her in class, listening and learning about our Lord.  She'll say,"Mommy, I going to make you something that will make you happy!"  She's growing up way to fast!

Me holding Noah in the Nursery, telling him he cannot take his hat off, he wasn't amused by me!

Sunday afternoon we ran around doing a little bargain shopping.  Not sure if I've ever shared my LOVE for bargains before but I LOVE a good bargain!  We have a shopping center in town called Big Time Bargains, and it's mostly second hand things from clothes to toys, furniture or pretty much anything else you could want. I have had the hardest time finding a winter coat for Wyatt, but I actually found 2 there.  A Children's Place Coat for $5 and another one for $4, now that's a bargain!

Here Jillian, hold your brother while I pay, but Mommy, he's too heavy!!

Wyatt-Help me Mom!

We finished the night off by having our family dinner at my Dad and Ann's.  We had a wonderful time sharing a meal together, all around a big table, with babies squealing and all!  Afterwards we all got comfy on the sectional and watched Cars 2 on a TV so big it should be illegal!!  It was so comforting to see all the sock feet gathered together on the ottoman and Dad and Ann each with a baby in hands!  All three kiddos were asleep before the movie was over, sure bliss!

We are definitely living for the weekends!!
How about you?  Do you live for the weekends too?  What do ya"ll do for fun?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. looks like you all had a fun weekend! Looks like she was already wearing ken's jacket! haha too cute!

  2. I definitely look forward to weekends, though usually mine are filled with too many errands. Glad you had a wonderful time! Now you have me craving cheesecake! And I love that picture of Jillian trying to hold her brother--it's adorable!!!

  3. We had such a great weekend. I love that we get to spend them with you all. I am so glad that we are best friends and always think of the quote "God made us sisters, but fate made up friends," when I think of us. I don't think that there could be a better explanation of our relationship. Loved the girls weekend, it was so fun and I love that Cassie has adopted me as a friend too!


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