Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturdays Top Five Laughs

These are my top 5 laughs from the week.

1. One night this week, Randy got home late from work and said shew I'm pooped!  Not missing a beat Jillian said, "Mommy, I think Daddy pooped!"  Ha, watch what ya say, she's a parrot!

2. We went shopping last Sunday and when I went to pay I asked Jillian, who was sitting in her stroller to hold her brother for me while I paid and she said, "But Mommy, he's too heavy."  Yes he is a chunker!

3. After Jillian used the potty the other day, I went to hand her some tp, and she said, "No mommy, gimmie a princess wipe."  We do have pull-up wipes in a princess box, but the way she said it sounded like because she was a princess!

4. My speedometer hasn't been working right since it's gotten colder so I use my Tom Tom.  I turned it on while driving at night and Jillian asked me what I was doing.  Without trying to explain the speedometer thing I just said, it tells me which way to go and she said "It's telling you which way to get out of the forest!"  Umm, not sure where she was but I was on Hwy 53.

5. Wyatt was laying in the grocery cart while I shopped the other day, just talking and spiting, making all kinds of noises when he started saying Da-Da, Da-Da!  My first reaction was NOOOO, you have to say Ma-Ma first, like Jillian did.  I guess I can't win them all!!

This is a blog hop, so if you have funny things that happen each week and would like to share it with us all, please link up at The Mommyhood Chronicles.

Enjoy your weekend, I'll be back with Christmas Pics next week!


  1. Are you sure you weren't in the forest. Jillian is pretty observant....maybe you went off-roading for a minute and just don't want to admit it....Just Kidding! Oh, and Jillian's bottom should never be wiped with anything other than a Princess wipe, after all, she is a princess!!!!!

  2. I lovedddddd #5! They all made me smile!

  3. Aw! Princess wipes for a princess:) Wyatt is exactly like Zane saying dada. I keep trying to say mama but it never comes out. Get out of the forest-haha. Hysterical laughs. Thanks for linking up!


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