Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with The Sanfords Part One

Christmas has come and gone leaving us with warm memories, fully belly's and a house full of toys!  We enjoyed 5, yes 5 Christmas dinners this past weekend.  How you ask, very carefully!!

Friday night we had 2 dinners scheduled.  The Stiver's Family, which is my late mother's family, had dinner at 6pm at my Aunt and Uncle's house which just happens to be a few miles down the road from us and on the way to my Dad's, where we were to go next.  This side of the family has grown so big, it's hard to get everyone together but it was still great to see the ones who were there!  The older kids loved playing with Wyatt and holding him too!

Wyatt and his cousin Kelly

We left there after about an hour and headed to my Dad and Ann's for Christmas.  I. racked. up!!  I was definitely surprised!  I had asked for a touch screen digital camera and got that and a few things more.  UGG'S!!!!!!  And a sweater from Victoria's Secret along with a cosmetic bag filled with goodies!!  The kids also were more than happy with their gifts.  Jillian got a princess tent and princess hopscotch, while the boys both got a John Deere dump truck, (that they can actually fit in) and a Cars rock'n car.  This was our first Christmas together as a blended family, Ann my Dad's new wife and her 2 boys and my sister and her family and of course my dad and us.  I really, really missed my mom this year, for some reason holidays tend to make that worse, but I had a good time and felt so blessed to be apart of this new blended family.

Wyatt got to open his first gift on his first Christmas, and what did he do, he ate the paper.  Well he tried to eat the paper!

Wyatt sitting in his new John Deere dump truck.  He loves it!

Hmm, not sure what happened to this pic, but this is everyone after presents just having a good time, look at all those wonderful expressions!

See eating the paper!  Little man also got a Dinosaur ball popper and a couple of great books from Jo-Jo and Uncle Andy, and cousin Noah.

The princess didn't want to come out of her tower!

Until Uncle Andy played the Find the Fairy book that he and Jo-Jo got her, along with a LaLa Loopsy doll and the Beauty and the Beast figurine set.

Christmas Eve on Saturday also held 2 dinners, but the first one we did lunch, soup and sandwich style.  My grandparents, (my mom's parents) came over.  Jo-Jo,Andrew and Noah spent the night but Andrew had to go to work, some people actually play golf on Christmas Eve, poor Andrew, he only gets off on Christmas day.  We had a wonderful time with our grandparents and sharing gifts with each other.  My grandmother hand made my sister and I quilts made from our mother's t-shirts.  They are absolutely beautiful and so meaningful!  The kiddos's got all kinds of wonderful gifts ranging from books, (we LOVE books), to little cars for the boys,  and a doodle pro for Jillian.  The boys also got a couple of outfits, a cars toy and Jillian got a ballerina doll and an animal purse.  Shew, so much stuff it's hard to remember it all!!

                                                          Jillian ripping presents open.

                                            More present ripping!!  These kiddo's are spoiled!!

This one, from my cousin Jinger and family, was for both Jillian and Wyatt, a box filled with great books!!!

Memmaw and GP, all smiles after a wonderful Christmas Eve lunch with family.  Our little family of four is so blessed to have so many places to go to for Christmas!  Even as hectic as it can get, I love every bit of it!  Part 2 coming real soon.  More Christmas, more happy faces, and more memories!!


  1. looks like you all had an amazing christmas

  2. We had a wonderful time as well. I really liked the soups and Memaws homemade pimento cheese, amazing. Next Christmas is going to be so much fun!


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