Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letters from Santa

Wyatt and Jillian each received mail last week.  One addressed to each child, from Santa.

One to Jillian.

By secret agreement with the Martin's.  Who are stationed in Japan.  Jillian and Wyatt's Aunt Kristina and Uncle Adam, and cousin Molly.

One for Wyatt, it said the same on the back, but the letters were different.

Wyatt's letter from Santa, it even rhymes!

Jillian's letter from Santa, she thought it was so cool to get mail AND it be from Santa!

Not sure if Kristina reads this but thank you guys so much for helping with this secret agreement.  Our family will treasure these letters forever.

When a child believes, it is magical.  


  1. Santa is always watching and Momma's should "Believe" too!

  2. Santa is going to be so much fun this year for you all! what a blessing!

  3. Noah got a letter from Santa as well. I am not sure who sent it though.....all i know was "Santa" was saying that he is putting lots of presents under the tree.......dagonit! Yes, I made that one word.


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