Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lets Play Catch....Up That Is!

We've got a lot going on around here one being it's 5 days until Christmas and two because I've got two kids, and there's never a dull moment!

Last week Miss Jillian had strep throat, yuck!  But after a couple of days of Tylenol/Motrin and some bubble gum antibiotics she is feeling up to snuff!

Unfortunately this week my little man has an ear infection.  Which I'm not really sure why, seems to affect almost everything but his ear.  I mean this baby is a normally a good sleeper, but now when I lay him down he can't breathe so he wakes up constantly.  Poor thing, there is nothing worse than watching your baby sick and not much, (other than wait for meds to kick in), that you can do.

Last Friday our church had a Christmas play which my sister was in.  So I kept the nursery, only had my kids and my nephew but it was fun.  When the play was over my Dad and Ann, and friends, came in the nursery and played with the kiddos, he's, (my dad) still a big kid himself!

Saturday morning we actually slept in, whoo hoo!!  The kids both slept until a little after 8am, (Wyatt woke up to nurse but then went right back to sleep).  We stayed in and lounged about while also getting a dessert and gifts ready for our family/friend party Sunday night.  After lunch our good friends brought Jillian, Wyatt and Noah a Christmas present.  Miss Jillian got a LaLaLoopsy and Wyatt and Noah the talking Fisher Price Learning Puppy.  They are all super thrilled with their presents.  Thanks Angie and Brian, that was so sweet of you guys!

Saturday night we had Christmas dinner at Cracker Barrel with Randy's dad, step-mom Angie and step brother, Alex.  Kimmie, Jay and Shelby also came.  After our meal Tony and Angie surprised us with gift cards to Great Wolf Lodge!  A mini vacation, yes please!!

Sunday we went to church as usual, went out to lunch at KFC, where a few of our fellow church members/family fed and loved on our babies, while Randy and I went through the line sans kids.  A quick trip to Kroger to pick up last minute gifts and food for the Christmas Eve lunch at my house, and back to church we went for another Christmas play.  Wrapped it up there only to head over to the Hembree's annual friends/family Christmas party.  This party is always a blast but this year takes the cake.  We all brought a gift to exchange via Dirty Santa.  It was hilarious!!  Mainly because all the woman did the shopping so their weren't too many "Men" gifts!  We also exchanged kiddo gifts with our good friends Kelly and Kendra!  Jillian got Dora puzzles and Dora pj's.  I think she was more excited about the pj's, she said "Oh, I love them!"  Wyatt got some love'n from Kelly and loved it so much he fell asleep in her arms!

Just precious!!

Whew, now we're preparing for another jam packed holiday weekend, and honestly I can't wait.  I love being around friends and family, and sharing the joy of Christmas!  Don't you?!?


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