Monday, December 5, 2011


Just a few updates to get the week started.

We took the kiddos to Santa this weekend, and had success!  The kids did great, especially since we waited in line for 2 hours!!  Wyatt and Noah both took naps, they even slept right through their 2 o'clock nursing, which worked out perfect.

Jillian is doing great in her big girl panties!  I am so happy, I really thought this day would never come!  I finally convinced myself to be brave and put her in panties all day, no matter what.  I was scared, I'm not even gonna lie.  I prepared by taking a couple of changes of clothes every where we went, and NO pull ups.  This was the trick.  She relied on those pull ups so much and I have to admit that so did I.  I can't help but wonder if she would have been ready if I had only done this before.  BUT, it doesn't matter now, and I'm not a shoulda, coulda, woulda kinda gal.  I'm so proud of her!

Wyatt man now has 2 bottom teeth.  I can't believe how fast they came in, and I really didn't even know he was teething.  He has maybe drooled a little bit more, but he has always chewed on every thing.  I just read on a fellow mommy blogger's blog about Teething Bling.  I've got to order some of these, how cool is that.  Jewelry designed with you and your teething baby in mind, love it!

Wyatt is also now eating the stage 3 baby food like a pro.  I guess it just took a few days to get use to the different textures.  He now thinks he should eat anything and everything I eat.  He is always grabbing at my food.  Saturday night we ate at Denny's and he took a handful of my hash browns and I did let him have a few bites of Jillian's pancakes.  This was his face.

Jillian asked Santa for Dora Leggos, LaLaLoopsy and a Cookie Monster.  Two out of three ain't bad, right?  She is getting the first two but she just threw in the Cookie Monster thing on me this past week.  The funny thing was since she told Santa what she wanted she thought he should give it to her that day.  Still no sense of time, it'll come I guess!

Jillian has really got into coloring and drawing.  I thought it was kind of strange that she didn't ever want to before, but I guess all kids so things in their own time!

We went to a friend's son's 2nd birthday party on Sunday and Jillian decided to serenade us while we helped clean up.  She played the piano and sang Staying Alive.  I know, your probably thinking What?, but she learned it from the chipmunks!  It was so funny!!

These two special people got married Vegas!  I'm bummed I couldn't see it but I'm happy for them, I know my Dad is happy again, and that makes me happy!

Have a great week!!


  1. I'm soooo glad she's wearing big girl panties! Excited! and the santa pics are adorable!

  2. It is so funny that they make those faces and then practically beg for more of that food.......babies are so cute. Jillian is doing such a great job in her big girl panties. Aunt Jo Jo is very proud of her!


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