Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Here are my top 5 laughs from the week!

1. When I came home from work on Monday, Randy had given the kids a bath and in their pj's.  Jillian said mommy my princess nightgown has a hole in it, do you have any tape!  Ha!!

2. Wyatt finally said Momma, once on Christmas day, and three times Monday.  So I try to get him to say it to me by repeating ma ma ma, and he replies with da da da da!!

3. At the dinner table one night Jillian was playing with her new princess castle, and Randy had paired Prince Charming with Belle, Jillian quickly scolded Randy and said no daddy that is Cinderella's friend!

4.  This one is kind of sad but funny at the same time.  Jillian and Wyatt's sitter was off for the week of Christmas and the day after, so Jillian got use to staying at home.  Which also means she has a hard time in the mornings with me leaving her.  One morning I tried to explain to her that mommy has to go to work and make money for us and she said to me, "Mommy, I want to go to work and make money with you", be still me heart!!

5. The funniest thing about having 2 kids this Christmas was all the "boy" baby toys Wyatt got and Jillian wanting to play with them all!!

This is a blog hop, so if you have funny things that happen each week and would like to share it with us all, please link up at The Mommyhood Chronicles.


  1. Hysterical- do you have tape to cover the hole. How funny! Of course, he says dada. Go figure- Zane does the exact same thing! However, Hayley did this too and now mommy is the #1 word,lol. Cinderalla's friend- she is right! That is so cute with mommy, I want to work with you. Such a cutie:) I love reading your laughs every week:) I hope you have a wonderful New Years!!

  2. Okay, so Jillian is just to smart for her own good. You might be able to get her to help you at work, you know how much she likes animals. Tape, ha! Yeah, I am always amazed at how much Jillian wants to play with the boys toys and how upset she gets when either one of the boys want to play with her toys. Toys are only for Jillian......none for the babies!


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