Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boys and their toys

Someone is now beginning to like toys.  Now that Wyatt can use his hands, he loves to hold things, blankets, burp clothes, your finger and especially toys.  Among an assortment of other toys, he seems to be pretty fond of this one.  I found it at a consignment sale!

He's really griping it!

Daddy is soo proud because this toy is a concrete truck.  You see, Daddy drives a concrete truck, (well, for now), Pee-Paw drives a concrete truck and I believe Pee-Paw's dad drove a concrete truck too.

When you push down on the little driver man it makes noise and the truck rolls.  Daddy thinks this one is your favorite.  I'm not sure that it isn't but there are a few other toys you've had your eye on lately!  Could be all the bright colors, could be that they're all new to you,  all I know is you are having a blast with them.

I know that there will be many more to come, but I couldn't resist documenting this first one!


  1. Too stinkin cute. He is loving the truck. Can't wait for the boys to be big enough to play together. We won't eveb have to buy them toys then.....if only!

  2. When that get to that stage it's sooo much fun!


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