Monday, September 19, 2011

PaPa Time

Sunday nights have become a tradition in the McClain family, known as family dinner night.  We, me, Randy and our kids, Jo-Jo and Noah, Andrew her husband if he's off work, which he's not most of the time, and Papa, always either go out to eat or cook dinner together.  We actually started this back when my Mom had cancer.  It was something we should have been doing all along but never really hit us until then.  I think she would be proud and happy to know that we have carried on this tradition. 

Last Sunday we went to one of our favorite local mexican restaraunts.  The kiddos got some major Papa time!!

The Boys

Wyatt's deer in headlights look

Baby fight, just kidding

Wyatt enjoying sitting with his PaPa 

He gave Jillian quarters for the toy machines so she was off playing with those.  Sunday nights are always so special, I hope we can keep this tradition up for many, many years to come!

What are some of your family traditions?

Happy Monday!!


  1. I just asked your dad about this. I'm glad it has continued. Your mom would be so happy and I'm sure she's sming from heaven Love you

  2. Yes, this is a great tradition and I hope we can continue even as our kids get to the age where it isn't cool to be seen with their parents....hopefully they will understand how special it is. I know all of us do!


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