Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Festival Time

We went the Simpsonville Fall Festival this Saturday.  Jillian enjoyed the inflatables, getting her face painted, for the third weekend in a row, and watching the parade!  

Jillian and her Aunt Jo-Jo

Jillian is so scared of these things!

Boo to him, he was out of candy by the time he got  to us!

Taking it all in

She was a butterfly, she picked it.

Waiting for the parade

Me and my sis and the boys, (they're in the strollers)

Wyatt man wasn't to sure about the parade, the first part was all sirens

Cool Cars

Oopps, they're out of order, face painting, this makes 3 weeks in a row!

He still had some candy, next year we'll stand at the beginning!

Happy butterfly

So the church was giving out pop rocks, she loved 'em!

Waiting her turn rather patiently.
Me and my high school friend Heather

I ran into a good high school friend, whom I hadn't seen in forever!  It was great to talk and catch up a little.  That's her little man Hunter, what a cutie!!

We had a great time, it did start to get a little warm, HOT, so we headed out about 2.

Sunday was actually pretty laid back, thank goodness, we hadn't relaxed on a weekend in a while.  Totally overdue!  We went to church, lunch and back home to relax while the kiddos napped.  Then to supper with PaPa, my dad , at the local Mexican restaurant.  Post to soon follow on that!

Happy Monday All!!


  1. looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Good times. I can't wait for the gaslight festival. We always have so much fun their. We totally forgot to take pics at the consignment sale.....oh well. Very glad that we went, Noah's wardrobe is figured out for the winter, yeah!


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