Thursday, September 22, 2011

First haircut

Jillian is now 3 years old, and I have yet to cut her hair.  I have trimmed her bangs but never cut the length of her hair.  You see when she was a baby, girlfriend had NO HAIR.  I mean it, she was bald!  See below:

Bald Baby

I would put headbands with bows and hats with bows on her bald little head, in hopes that some day she would actually have hair!

Hat baby

Plus she looked so dern cute in them, she never left the house without one on!

Headband baby

But alas, she finally grew hair!!  At 18 months I could actually get 2 pig tails.  

Little piggies

Here she is at 3 years old, with long curly beautiful hair!  Which by the way she didn't get from me.  My mom had curly hair, my sister and even Randy has curly hair, (if he grew it out).


 This is when it's wet and I have combed it straight down.

Almost down to her bottom

And the first cut.  Ahh, I can't believe I doing this, was going through my mind!

The first cut :(

The hair

There it is the final product!  OMG, this was so hard, because she wouldn't stand still.  I couldn't imagine taking her some where and having it done!  Oh well, it may not be perfect but when its dry and curly you can't tell anyway!


When it drys, it looks way shorter and is now way curly than before!  I still haven't got a pic of her new doo yet, but soon!

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  1. You did a good job cutting it for as wiggly as she, no doubt, was. Her new do looks great. It curls much better. It looked cute before, but now it looks extremly cute!


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