Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going back a little

I'm going to go back a little, because I didn't start blogging until after Wyatt was born and I really want to share these images that are so dear to my heart.

I always wanted to have belly pictures taken when pregnant with Jillian, but I never felt confident enough.  Plus I got really huge with her.  I still wasn't very self confident with Wyatt and still got pretty big, but when asked by a photographer friend/cousin/husband and wife team, if I would let her take pics of me for her maternity profile, I jumped at the chance!  Although I did tell her only if she made me look good!

Annette had some great ideas, this one being one of my favorite.  Jillian loved being able to paint her brother and mommy!  Such a great memory for her and I to share!

She was going to town on my belly, she was serious about her finger painting.

Jillian and I just laying around, talking about the beautiful sky.  It doesn't get much prettier then that!

I love the different color effect to this one, so different.

This one is so fun because it really made the paint colors pop out!

Jillian and I hanging out in the grass, her giving some awesome hugs!

Annette wrote Wyatt on my belly in blue, love this one too.

The final product.  I think it took a whole pack of wipes to clean me up!  But soo worth it!

This was so hilarious!  I am not a impromptu kind of girl, so I wasn't sure what to do here, but they said just eat a pickle, so I did! 

Annette actually asked me if I liked pickles.......Ummm yes!!

Jillian using my stethoscope from my nursing days!

I love bows, sorry Wyatt, but you are Mommies precious little package!

I don't remember what was so funny, besides the fact that I'm preggers, sitting on the counter top and eating a pickle!

This photo shoot was so fun and we now have so many wonderful images and memories to keep for a lifetime!  Thanks Annette and Kenny for a GREAT time and giving us this chance to treasure this precious time!

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  1. So glad that you felt confident enough to take these. They turned out great! Love that Jillian could play with her brother before he was really cool!


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