Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party Time

Another fun filled, fast paced on the go weekend has past and boy did we enjoy it!  We attended not one but two birthday parties this weekend.  On Saturday, we celebrated cousin Nolan's 5 th birthday and Sunday we celebrated our friend Kenzie's 3rd birthday!  Jillian had a blast at both parties, but I only got pics from the 2nd  one.

The birthday girl Miss Mackenzie is the one in the sparkly white princess dress.  Jillian's song must have been off key, 'cause Kenzie is holding her ears!

Princess Mackenzie, aka Birthday Girl

It was a dress up/princess themed birthday party.  It was right up Jillian's alley!  They came in their dresses, and had fun sharing tiara's and pink shoes.

This picture is so funny because you wouldn't know it but Jillian is only 2 months older than Kenzie, but she towers over her!  They really have fun playing together, and I couldn't be happier about it.  You see Kenzie's Momma and I have have been bestie's since high school, and I always wished we would have kids the same age.  But two girls two months apart, it was meant to be!!

The princess and her princess cake!  Jillian couldn't wait for this part!

Me and my princess!  With a dirty face of course, her not me!!

What a surprise Miss Kenzie had when a real princess came and gave her a sparkly diamond tiara and wand. She was thrilled to say the least!

Daddy and Bubba, (Wyatt), hung out, and they actually snuck out for a while and looked at the big trucks.  The party was held at our local armory, since Kenzie's daddy is a recruiter.

She couldn't stop looking at her, it was so cute!

Kenzie would blow the party favor thingy in Jillian's face and Jillian would crack up laughing!  With a mouth full of Cheezey Poofs.

Here Miss Jillian is eyeing all Kenzie's princess presents.  I am so surprised at how well she did.  Usually she says "Mommy I want this, Mommy can I have that?".  But she didn't, she did sit very close to Kenzie while she opened them, but just watched.

Micheal, Kenzie, Jillian

Her we have the three musketeer's.  They are all 3 years old, and play pretty well together.   Micheal was very impressed with the present he gave Kenzie, I think he really wanted to play with it!

Princess Jillian, after a successful trip to the potty!!

Let them eat cake!!  And they did.  Jillian was so good, she ate the whole piece, not just the icing, like usual!

We had a great time this weekend with friends and family.  I just love watching the kids play and being able to have some adult conversation too!  These really are the best days of our lives!


  1. This makes me sooo excited to have little girl parties. Jillian looks just like you in that pic of you two. Sweetness...

  2. Jillian made such a great princess, I know she is ready to be the little mermaid now!


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