Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Movie Night

Rio Poster

Last night we had a family movie night.  We've only tried this a time or two before, and they all end the same way, with Randy and I watching a kids movie.  Which isn't all that bad.  We rented the movie "Rio", picked up a $5 pizza, and drank orange soda.  I think Wyatt may have enjoied it the most.  He sat in his bouncy seat half way through, then in my lap for the rest.

Jillian curled up with daddy

Wyatt watching "Rio" on tv

The kiddos in front of the tv

Jillian stayed intrested for the begining, we lost her to her toys in the middle, and she came back for the end.  Best part of the night goes to the credits.  Jillian and Wyatt both enjoied the music and mommy dancing.  Don't worry there were no photos involved.  So we had a dance party after the movie was over.  Wyatt even got in on the dancing, on the coffee table!  I just love making these great memories, priceless!!

Jillian tried holding her bubbie, I'm hanging on to him!

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  1. Super cute. I didn't see this post until now. Looks like lots of fun. Family movie night will be a must for all of us this winter at my potential new house with! I am excited just thinking about it! Can't wait to live closer to you all.


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