Friday, September 2, 2011

Letters to Jillian #1

Dear Jillian,

You may not remember now, but you had a wonderful, caring, and loving grandmother, whom you called GiGi!  GiGi was my mommy.  Your GiGi got sick and God made her an angel in heaven.  Now she watches over us everyday!  Mommy misses her very much, and I want you to know this great lady, who adored you.  Your daddy will tell you to this day that mommy had you, a baby girl, just for GiGi.  You helped her live as long as she could!!

This is your beautiful GiGi!

Let's start with her name.  GiGi.  Before you were born she actually wanted you to call her Grams, from one of her and mommy's favorite shows Charmed.  You had other plans, you couldn't say Grams very well, so we had to think of something else.  Your GiGi was a very classy lady and couldn't be called the normal Grandma or Nana, she wanted something hip and young. From then on  the name GiGi was what you would call her.

The first time GiGi got to hold you!  She was in LOVE!

When mommy was pregnant with you, I thought you were a boy.  Sorry!  Your GiGi thought you were a girl, but she would have loved you no matter what.  I'll never forget the day of my ultrasound at the doctors office.  The lady looking at you in my belly said, It's a Girl!  Daddy and I were very shocked, again sorry, but we thought you were a boy.  As we left the doctor's office that day I called GiGi and said well mom, you know how they say that your mother is always right, (please remember this as you get older!), well you were.  She was so happy, I think she told the whole world that day that she was gonna have a granddaughter!

See how proud she was!

GiGi was there for your birth, and couldn't wait for you to arrive.  She stayed with mommy the whole time, through the epidural and through the pushing, but when it came down to it I had to have you via c-section so only Daddy could be in the OR.  When you finally did arrive, she was so overjoyed! 

She didn't/couldn't take her eyes off you

I think she could have held you all day if we let her!  She loved you from the moment she saw you.

Precious time

Jillian you were your GiGi's pride and joy and I really do believe you gave her the strength and the will to live. But sometimes that's not enough and her body couldn't take it anymore.  I want you to always know how much she loved and adored you, so I will continue to write you letters reminding you of the wonderful time and memories you shared together.  We were so blessed to have her in our lives.  There will be days when we are sad, but just remember she is still here, in our hearts.



  1. You warned us it was a sad one.I think this is a great idea! I am so glad you are writing these!

    I think about her all the time, as I know you do too!

  2. That first photo was taken at the cabin. Your mom looks so relaxed and happy. I remember that weekend and all the fun we had. I will always cherish the friendship we shared.
    Jillian it is true you were the light of GiGi's world. Gigi loved buying you pretty things and dressing you up. Your GiGi was an independent woman and would have wanted you to grow up to be a strong young woman full of curiosity and love. When GiGi was ill she always perked up when you were around, her eyes always filled with love for you.
    I was with your GiGi when she left her hurting body behind, releasing a soul that would sing and dance with the other angels.
    We must always help you to remember what a special lady your GiGi was and will always be in our hearts.

  3. Jillian was definately her pride and joy. She loved her grandaughter with every being of her soul and I know that she is loving getting to witness every moment of her life from the best seat in heaven. I know that GiGi would be/is very proud of us and our families. These posts will be great for Jillian growing up. I know we all miss her every day. This is just one of the things to show how much mom loved us and how much we loved her. Beautiful job!

  4. I am sitting here crying. Such a special post. I am sure your mom is smiling from heaven, proud of what a wonderful mommy you are.


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