Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Another week has come and gone leaving us with another great weekend.

Some details:  Saturday afternoon I picked up what was left of the clothes from the consignment sale, I'll have you know I made, drum roll please.......$368!!  Wow, was I so surprised, and I came back with only 5 mostly full sterlites, (I had 11).  I did buy from the sale too, spending $116 the first night,(pre-sale for sellers)  and $65 on half price day, still profiting almost $200!!  I pretty much outfitted both kids for Fall and Winter.  Jillian will still need some shoes and a winter coat, Wyatt some hats!

My friend Cassie getting her baby fix

Saturday Evening:  A cookout with some friends at their house.  I made some chocolate covered oreo mint balls and nutter butter/peanut butter balls.  Jillian had a blast.   The girls ate cupcakes, while the rest of us cringed at the blue and red faces!

Kenzie and her cupcake
Jillian and her cupake

These 2 play so well together

Jillian and Kenzie, would ya believe they are only 2 months apart.

Sunday after church:  We went to Nick Vegas, as my husband calls it, Nicolasville, to visit my sister-in-law, her husband Jay and my adorable niece Shelby.  We were joined by Pe-Paw, Randy's dad and Alex, Randy's step brother.  The girls had a great time playing together and the adults had great conversation and some delicious food.  I took the rest of the chocolate balls and they were a big hit.  We deep fried some okra, cause that's the way we southern folk do, and Wyatt got passed around like a sack of potatoes, but he loved it.

The Girls, they are a year apart but could almost pass as twins!

Wyatt and his Uncle Alex
Wyatt and his Pe-Paw

Wyatt and his Uncle Jay

I told ya he got passed around a lot!  Kimmie, did you hold him?  Sorry I got no pics of you holding him.  Rest assured baby boy, she loves ya!

This one is my favorite, the girls and their Pe-Paw

And just to prove she was there and how funny this picture is, Pe-Paw is trying to figure out Aunt Kimmie's texting!

Monday/Labor Day:  Oh what a day.  It started off great with the kids sleeping until 9am.  Yay for mommy and daddy!!  We had plans to go to the zoo, but it was very rainy that morning so we waited until it stopped before we headed out.  Half way to louisville Jillian got sick in the car.  Poor thing, I pulled off on the side of the interstate to clean her up.  When I finally stopped gagging, the mess was gone but shew, not the smell!  Not sure of what to do at this point I ask Jillian how she felt and she said "I wanna go to da zoo!"  So to the zoo we went after a quick trip to Target for some non-vomit smelling clothes, eww sorry that was gross as Jillian would say.  Jo-Jo met us at Target, she opened Jillians car door, Jillian had been sleeping and woke up to say,"Jo-Jo, I puked all over myself!"  OMG, I thought my sister and I were gonna pee our pants.  We finally get to the zoo, to find that the parking lots were all full, even the grass areas.  We couldn't figure out what was going on, so we asked at the ticket window.  He told us it was the Union Labor Picnic for all Union members.  IT. WAS. PACKED.  Had we known how packed it was gonna be, we would not have gone.  We still had a good time, but only got to see half the animals because of how many people were there it took forever to get through the crowds with our mack daddy stroller and wagon!
Wyatt man relaxing in his stroller

Ready for the zoo in her wagon, the only way for a 3 year old to ride!

The elephants put on a show, holding tails.
Jillian and I shared a soft pretzel and blue icee
It turned out to be a good day, and Miss Jillian felt great!  We had a great weekend, how 'bout you?  Have a great week!

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  1. Glad you all had a good time on Sunday. Looks like Jillian had a lot of fun with Shelby! Can't wait to go to the other consignment sale on Saturday, I hope we can find even more clothes. The way our kids grow, we will need them...especially yours. Love you all.


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